Sunday, March 22, 2009

LA Field Trips #4: Echo Park

We live in Angeleno Heights right next to downtown. It's either it's own neighborhood or part of a larger neighborhood, Echo Park. I don't know. It's just nice to have my stuff again. We're very close to the actual Echo Park. It's become my new McCarren Park. I'm scouting it out for hipster kickball games. There's actually more lake than grass and has been fun to jog around.
Duck parade!

Moving Day!

After having our stuff sit in boxes for two weeks in NY, it finally made its way to LA on Thursday, March 12. Having lived with two suitcases for six weeks, I forgot what we owned. At first it felt like Christmas morning, unwrapping all this stuff that felt new again. After unwrapping three feet of paper around the gazillionth shot glass, the charm of the reunion waned. We have two small closets in the bedroom and office, so the one walk in closet in our living room is our basement, linen closet and shoe storage. The first pair of shoes that made it on our door rack was a pair of flip flops that Alex's boss sent to him as a welcome to LA. It was sort of like when Carrie placed the first pair of Manolo Blahniks in the giant custom made closet Big built for her in their "Heaven on Fifth" apartment, except it's a pair of rubber Havaianas on a plastic shoe rack in an apartment with limited closets in a neighborhood that used to be filled with gangs ten years ago. So a little different.
Ikea particle board in its glory.
Our first load of laundry, that we didn't have to go outside to do!

LA Field Trips #3: Griffith Observatory now with more Alex

Here's a view from Griffith Observatory with less smog and more Alex.

Porn for New Yorkers #2: So happy to not schlep this crap down 6th Ave anymore

A good part of my physical activity in NY was using my back and arms as a luggage rack. I spent so much time dragging large sacks from Bed, Bath and Beyond in Chelsea down 6th Ave to the L train. I've hurled towels, measuring cups, candles, dishes, and Christmas themed bullshit over my head while simultaneously swiping my Metrocard and just missing the train. I had a pleasant moment of suburbia in the parking lot of The Great Indoors (a home furnishing yuppie Mecca in Burbank) during a pretty nice little Saturday. We actually could load our stuff from a shopping cart...that we our car...and then put into a trunk and then drove. LA is weird.

I'm still here!

I know it's been a few weeks since I posted. I've been spending time with Alex, getting out the house to meet new people and moving into our new place. On the business side I've been checking out shows, writing new material, working on editing a stand up reel, creating an acting reel, writing a potential pilot for a potential web series, and starting a voiceover class. I took a lot of mundane pictures of some mundane activities the past few weeks that I didn't think were blog worthy. Now that I'm on Twitter and religiously read Facebook statuses, I've realized no activity or thought is too mundane. If you can't wait for the weekend, still have that cold, hate the weather, love the weather, hate LA traffic or NYC subways, I will be in front of my computer or Blackberry taking it all in. So let's catch up!

Monday, March 2, 2009

LA: Now with more husband!

Alex got here on Saturday! He spent the weekend spacing out and then proclaiming "I'm in f-ing LA!" Today he woke up at 5 am, showered, put on slacks, a button down shirt, real shoes and has been at the computer working NY hours. It's 11 am and I haven't put on bra yet.