Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We really did have people at our Christmas party...

During our first LA Boozenog, I got a little busy heating up pigs in a blanket and Trader Joe's Samosas to take pictures. Some guests took pics, so I'll bug them to put them up on Facebook. In the meantime, here's my faux Elle Decor photo spread. In LA, you have to choose to have it feel Christmas-y. You're not going to have Rockettes or giant trees or Santas pissing in the gutter thrust in your face for over month. You're going to have to make due with lights wrapped around some palm trees and the Christmas tree contraption on top of the Capitol Records building. The weird thing about Christmas in LA, is that no one runs around saying "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas!" When I do acknowledge the holidays during a farewell to someone, the recipient of my well wishes sort of looks at me like I just reminded them to return a book at the library or pick up their kid. ANYWAY - Merry Christmas (and remember to throw the Netflix envelope in the mail)!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I've had a two week long day.

The last time I posted we were bloated on turkey, and now I'm trying to keep a dead tree in my living room alive long enough so my friends can drink around it. I don't know where I've been these past two weeks. In the car, I think. After ten months of living in LA, I'm now beginning to feel busy. Feeling busy is as fleeting as gestures are empty in this town, so tomorrow I could be back watching RoboCop 3 in the middle of the afternoon. I want to plow through this next month and get to 2010. Anyway. Just checking in.