Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm back!

Basically this sums up my trips to NYC and Utah. Both Marie and this little girl probably have better golf swings than me.
Hello blog, remember me? It's Laura. I'm sorry I haven't been around. I didn't want to hurt your feelings, but I needed a break. It's me, not you! I needed to get away. I'm back and excited to update you. Well, I'm a little nervous to update. I feel a little rusty. I'm sure something weird and/or horrible will happen soon enough and I'll get back into the swing of things. Since we last talked I visited friends and family in New York and Utah. My visit to New York felt right as rain, as if no time has passed. I had a great time with friends and almost forgot what 3 am looked like. I was a little freaked out that I'd miss it too much and realize LA was mistake. Then I spent a half hour on a cramped, humid subway, sweating out of my flip flops staring at "Smokey Marie" and her missing fingers anti-smoking PSA and quickly missed my car AC, palm trees and actual career prospects. In Utah, I had a few milestone moments in my quest for a "lifestyle": I got my first set of golf clubs (Lady Hagen's - for ladies who like to play lady golf with other ladies), I now own and enjoy wearing a skort (it could be worse, I could be rockin' coolots), and played my first 18 holes. (in 102 degree Utah summer heat, which still beats a subway train with a broken AC.) I played and drank with mom in law Julie and her friends, who make up 80% of my blog reading audience (What up, Sue!) So that's my July! We have so much look forward to - my six month-versary in LA, more, fire and mudslide season. I promise you, dear blog, I'll keep you by my side along the way.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Out of Office Notification: July 9-26

My July so far.
I'll be out of town for a chunk of July. I'm leaving for New York tomorrow and then I'm off to Utah. This blog might take a little vacation while I'm away. Here's a little update of my July so far. I spent this month watching way too much news coverage about Michael Jackson. I spent 4th of July weekend doing some party hopping, playing shitty golf (but getting my first par!), eating way too much meat at Canter's Deli and Pinks, overhearing a crazy woman on a pay phone describing how Tom Cruise made her masturbate in front of him (I don't know if the story makes her crazy or that she was using a pay phone), and seeing the documentary Anvil (which should now be mandatory viewing for everyone college student majoring in theatre/music/dance/art as a cautionary tale about what will happen to most of us in the entertainment industry). I think my life went on vacation this past week before I even began to think about packing.