Friday, August 27, 2010

Why does my gum taste like salad?

I grabbed lunch at Umami Burger with friend Julie (see the wine tasting post below) at the hipster hangout epicenter, Space 15 Twenty. Space 15 Twenty is a shopping center with an  Urban Outfitters, Free People,  an art gallery and screenings of Spike Jonze films.   Right outside Umami, we noticed a Seedbomb "gumball machine."  For fifty cents you can purchase a ball of seeds of regional flowers and engage in a green terror campaign by bombing areas that need plant life the most: dirt patches, parking lots, abandoned lots...and giant hipster shopping centers. 

Flights of Fancy

 At Silverlake Wine with friend, Julie. Or a bad audition for a wine print ad

I checked out Silverlake Wine's weekly Thursday night tasting. Wine tastings are great because they elevate basic drinking to “engaging in an activity,” “completing a task,” and “learning something new.” Rarely does drinking make you feel good about yourself, but wine tastings always make you feel just the right amount of superior like when you read all the little cards at a museum exhibit or listen to any genre of music that doesn’t have lyrics. Also, you can bring your kids to wine tastings! There were a few kids hanging out with their moms while they cracked open a bottle with friends. If you bring your kid to a regular bar, you’re degenerate but if you bring your kid to a wine tasting, then you’re the cool parent that let’s your kid get a glimpse of adult sophistication. You can buy your kid a hot dog at the Let’s Be Frank Hot Dog Truck parked outside while you shake off your Chianti buzz.  I hit the Rose flight and learned something about grape skin color that I unfortunately can’t remember now, but appreciate the lesson. Many have grown up watching some crazy aunt swill down a jug of room temperature White Zinfindel during the holidays and have since sworn off the stuff. Randy Clement, manger at Silverlake Wine confirmed Rose is in fact “cool and here to stay!” I wonder if we can still be snotty about Merlot? 

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The OC Fair: Dude, Are You Serious?

For weeks, this awful commercial has invaded basic cable in the Los Angeles area:

And it gets worse: